Slow Fashion in a Hurry

I’m not sure if this is a blog post or just a subtle apology letter to all the DMs and emails I haven’t quite found the time to answer this past week. Running a slow fashion brand, during the busiest time of year, feels anything but slow. One of the key messages I’ve tried to send through AJK is the importance of slowing things down, enjoying the process and respecting the effort that goes into creating. At times, this message feels contradictory to the reality that is my life as a ‘small business owner’, and that’s something I’m really working on. 

I’m moving at anything but a slow pace, I’m ambitious and I’m busy. I love this too! However, last week I was burnt out and felt the need to share about it because so many other creatives consistently feel the same way. While juggling AJK and a life, I’ve picked up on a very strong pattern where I’ll get inspired on a project and I’ll work on it, hard. I feel full of energy and unable to stop, it can get a little excessive but I’m all in and I’m loving it. Then, the project launches and it’s ‘over’. I find myself skipping over the sense of accomplishment that I think you’re supposed to feel (?), and I’m already searching for the next project. 

I’m sure this is largely a result of living in a world where instant gratification is readily available and where, in fashion especially, trends disappear as quickly as they arrive. I deliberately design styles that are timeless and can be worn over and over again. But I do feel that I’m in competition with fast fashion brands that are releasing new collections every week. Battling this reality is a quick and easy way to burn any creative out. 

The more I learn about these patterns, the more I’m able to counteract them. I want AJK to feel as sustainable to me as an owner, as it is to my customers. So, I appreciate the patience and the support. I love making your pieces and creating new things. And I know it's ok and important to take a break too. Thank you to my friends who reminded me to do so. If you’re in the same boat as me, take a day. Or half a day if that’s all you can manage. I promise you, people will wait for you. They will understand! Xo

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