the thermodynamics of the cutest long sleeve you've ever owned

The last couple weeks on Oahu had everyone complaining about how freezing cold they were (low to mid 70s). With it being a little colder, I found myself testing the Core Long Sleeve on an evening run. I’m really happy with how comfortable and breathable it was to run in. I didn’t design this piece with activewear in mind, but it got me thinking about the thermodynamic properties of hemp, and why I’m able to wear this top in seemingly any climate.

This collection's long sleeve is made up of mostly organic hemp, combined with organic cotton and a tiny bit of Lycra. The fabric is soft, lightweight and has a comfortable stretch. It's tailored for a snug fit and easy movement, becoming a staple in my wardrobe.

Thermodynamics is how materials interact with heat, moisture, and the surrounding environment. It’s well known that hemp is durable and sustainable. However, hemps thermoregulating ability is what makes it stand out. Hemp fibres are a hollow structure. Air flows through the fibres, circulating heat and making it better at reacting to changes in temperature. It works with your body temperature rather than against it.  

 When it’s hot out, hemp feels breathable. Heat and moisture are easily wicked away from your body, so you’re kept cool and comfortable. I’m constantly on the go, and when I’m sewing, running errands, carrying way too many bags, I overheat easily. The earliest sample I made was the first time I was able to wear a long sleeve in conditions where I’d usually opt for a tee or tank. 

On the other hand, hemp, being porous, offers insulation in cooler temperatures, retaining body heat to keep you warm when necessary. In Hawai’i, where you’re hot outside and then suddenly in freezing cold AC, I’ve found this a massive asset (Kahala Market, I’m looking at you).

In essence, hemp's thermoregulating ability, enables it to adapt to temperature changes, aligning with your body's needs.

Thermoregulating, moisture wicking combined with it’s natural anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties, create a fabric ideal for workouts or wearing across different climates and situations. With it’s subtle 90s-inspired silhouette and centre seam, we wanted to take the practicality of hemp and turn it into an elevated staple. So, after a long day of being busy, hot, cool and cute, you can throw it in the wash and wear it again the next day. 

I often notice fashion brands using scientific jargon to describe their products, which isn't too off base if it's accurate. However, understanding the science behind our clothing and its impact on our wearing experience holds significant power. Clothing can be practical, sustainable, and look good. If you've got questions or want to talk about it more, send me an email or DM. I'm obsessed with this stuff and can’t wait to share more.

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